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I have spent 16 years working in retail, a career which culminated in a wonderful job at what, in my opinion, was one of the best stationery companies in the world. I have always been a retailer at heart but this company sparked my passion for paper.


Family commitments meant I took a career break and moved abroad for a time. Much as I still loved the stationery, when my staff discount disappeared so did my ability to afford it.  We lived in Asia where inexpensive stationery is very available. Sadly the price reflected the quality but it got me thinking. With the advent of much improved printing technology and the right paper surely it was possible to produce beautiful personalised stationery quickly and at an affordable price.


When we returned to the UK I immersed myself back in the world of print and paper.  I spent twelve months sourcing beautiful, environmentally friendly paper and card, researching endless typefaces and printing techniques and finding British-based manufacturers who could produce the standard of product I wanted to offer.


I think I have achieved what I set out to do but you will be the judge.


Diana Ewbank


Diana Ewbank, Creator & Designer