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Reading, writing and ...


Reading is at the very heart of what we do at Grace Paper - OK so we’re more about writing but, if reading doesn’t come easily to you then  writing will be so much harder.


This is one of the reasons why we feel passionate about literacy. Being able to read and write is something most of us take for granted yet, in the UK - yes, the United Kingdom - one in five children leave primary school unable to read well enough to thrive at secondary school. That figure shocked us and we wanted to do something, in our own small way, to try to help. A chance conversation with a friend led us to the Schoolreaders Charity. 


Reading and writing

Schoolreaders is a wonderful charity that matches reading volunteers with primary schools. The volunteers offer their time to help children improve their reading. The charity has grown rapidly since its inception in 2013 and they now have more than 1,000 volunteers working in 500 schools. All we can say is “inspirational”. 

We are so proud to support Schoolreaders as much as we can, through donation, charity prizes and publicity. They do a wonderful job and offer help where it is very much needed. If you feel you can help, contact them at Small steps, giant leaps and all that …..