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Thank Yous made easy .......


Thank Yous made easy ….


Christmas is done and dusted. New year's resolutions have been made, and hopefully not yet broken, but have you written your thank you letters? I am slightly shame-faced to say that mine have only just hit the post box but when I eventually find time to sit down to write them I love it. It is a mindful process. I’ll make a coffee, sit for a moment, take a breath and think about who I am writing to and why.  Then I’ll put pen to paper.  That said, it was not always thus. As a child I remember the painful experience of trying to think of what to say, and the list of recipients seemed endless. So why so we do it? Surely it would be much easier just to fire off an email of thanks? Of course it would but its just not same thing. Every bit of pain you might endure in coaxing your children to write their letters will be justified when the letter is received and, in many cases, treasured and stored as a physical memory. The thank you letter has great ‘feel-good factor’. You will feel good about writing it and it will certainly bring a smile to the face of whoever is lucky enough to receive it.


To make life a bit easier I’ve come up with a few tips which I hope will make letter writing in your house a little less of a chore and perhaps even a treat?


Give your letter a little personality 

Make your letter original and personal to the person you are writing to. A great tip is to avoid using the words ‘thank you’ in the first sentence of the letter. You will be amazed at how this opens it up and immediately makes the letter more personal. 

For example “Dear Granny It was so lovely to have you and Grandpa to stay for Christmas and I hope you got home safely. Thank you for my …… etc.”


Speed is of the essence (do as I say, not as I do in this instance- see above!)

The more quickly you put pen to paper the easier it is to write your letter. Trust me, you will remember the detail more readily and that makes  it so much easier to think of what to say. This applies to every type of thank you letter, whether its for a present or an event.


It's all in the detail.

Don’t be generic. Make your letter as specific to the gift or event as you can, including little unique details. It gives your letter the personal touch that will be so appreciated.


How long is long enough?

Correspondence cards are an increasingly popular option for thank you letters but be sure to always go over to the second side. Once again this shows you've made an effort and you haven't just zipped off a few sentences to tick the box.  That said, with small children this can be a challenge so remember, in this instance,  a few lines are better than nothing. Another option for small children is to draw a picture and put a big kiss at the end.  Everyone will love that.


There is no hard and fast rule about how to write a letter anymore and the rarity of letters in the modern world means that every letter is a little more appreciated and special but hopefully these suggestions will be helpful when you next sit down to write, or to persuade others to do so!

Happy letter-writing and happy new year.